6 people dead in stabbings!

Not sure what you mean by that, but I was saying to my wife that it's strange how they are avoiding naming the attacker and that news media sites have clearly lightened the pictures of him taken from social media to give his a lighter skin appearance.
I even said that if someone was to offer me $1m to guess his name the name I would offer would be Mohammed.
I could be wrong but it seems that they are trying to distance him from this certain ethnicity as being the cause and given he didn't use a gun so they can't roll out anti gun narrative, they will establish the usual mental health issues made worse by online hate (most likely right wing) and use it to push more anti online freedom bills

Actually a number of men stood up to the coward successfully saving lives and the only women able to was capable of this because she had a gun, the great equaliser! This is a great example of why guns should be available to people. I also think it's important to point out that trg was suiting up outside when she walked it, confronted him and shot him dead like a proper cop should
he is wearing a black mask
was killed few upstair on stage 1.0
was knife vs broom on stage 2.0
was the chasing on stage 3.0
Normal narrative is mentally unstable. Retribution from Aussie folks will not be nice. It will not be a nice picture on the streets
What are you talking about?!? Australians as a whole won't do shit, infact if it is an Islamic man, which it more likely than not is , then people will start with " Islam is a religion of peace " then Muslims in Australia will be treated like victims when a small number of people lash out at them and politicians will bend over backwards to console them. Like every other time in Western countries after an attack.
Now try that shit in an Islamic country and they would burn your church down in retaliation
This will turn nasty mate
I agree, but not the way I think that you are implying.
My opinion is that this will see an authoritarian crack down on people like you and me. People who oppose government mandates or actions and have the temerity to voice these opinions online.
They will blame online hate speech for radicalisation and the subsequent action of this deranged individual and introduce laws to " stop it happening again" 🙄
Except it won't be targeting Islamists, they are a protected group,it will target people who refuse to do as they are told ie take the jab, wear a mask, etc.
Or is this what you meant?
The Sydney Bondi mall attacker has been identified as Benjamin Cohen.
1st thing, do you have a link?
2nd wow! I k ow a ben Cohen, that's a Jewish name

When I google the name, the first result, a 7 news video, states the name is "Benjamin Cohen", but they've since removed it from the video description.

A Sydney university student says he has received “thousands” of messages and friend requests after being “dangerously” mistakenly online as the Westfield Bondi Junction attacker.

NSW Police Minister Yasmin Catley announced on Sunday morning the attacker – who was shot dead – is 40-year-old Queensland man Joel Cauchi.

However, online trolls on Saturday night wrongly identified 20-year-old UTS student Ben Cohen as the attacker, posting photos of him across social media.