Silver You've Purchased

very tempting to fill up a jar
but there is an empty munition box
@STKR, where did you get all those chains?

The man himself @J.C86

There's a lot more there than it appears. All XRF tested, complete and undamaged.

Since the increase in premiums on Bullion, I've turned to premium coins, Hand-poured silver and jewellery to satisfy my thirst. I like the idea of jewellery because it's wearable, and some of it doubles as stacking fractional silver.
I kind of miss them but you can only wear so many!
I've kept the first one my parents ever bought me, one I bought myself.
A nice matching set I came across and also this one.. I've had it for years... just for lols.

From memory about 650 grams between the chain and bracelet.
@STKR, where did you get all those chains?
I have a local gumtree contact... I don't ask where or how she obtains them but every so often she'll come into a large quantity... or she just hoards them until I message her.

Terms are XRF at a friends shop before payment for her because there is a huge amount of rubbish out there.
Surprisingly a lot of jewellery with no stamps or marks comes back as sterling and a lot of 925 stamped and marked comes back thick plating or stainless.


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