Who Is Going to Buy Your $100 Silver?


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Good video. If you can't watch it he says that there's certainly going to be buyers at $100
If governments and institutions didn't have massive stockpiles of available silver to feed the market in times of deficit, they wouldn't have been able to distort the price so dramatically compared to Gold.

If we mine it at a ratio of 8:1 and have yearly deficits between global supply and demand, there's no possibility the free-market forces wouldn't take hold and align Silver's value ($$) to reflect it's scarcity.

Silver will absolutely hit unbelievable highs when the market can no longer be supported by stockpiled above-ground silver. Investment demand only makes up a meagre 20% of annual demand, so I think Big Tech companies, jewellery makers, healthcare suppliers and the military industrial complex and their suppliers aren't going to care for a second that silver is $100. They'll only be concerned if they can have their share of the pie.

I actually think there could be a future silver crisis where physical investment is heavily restricted. Think about it... We have no recorded Military reserves of Silver in our stockpiles that I could find. Silver may very well become one of the top strategic metals for a technologically advanced Military of the 21st century.

We are "0.1% of the global population waking up to Silvers fundamentals" away from investment demand brutally shaking up the silver market to levels that test the imagination IMO.