Whistleblower Warns Of Gold Bullion Scams


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Following several testimonies from ordinary people who reported having been grievously overcharged by some high-profile precious metals dealers, we were shocked to learn how many individuals, couples, and widows are being overcharged to lose up to half of their retirement nest-egg or more.

Now an industry insider came forward as a whistleblower to share his current experience working in a high-pressure, predatory organization built on a business practice of pushing expensive gold & silver on clients, instead of competitively priced bullion.

This whistleblower explains his path into the precious metals IRA business, how he hoped to help people acquire real assets outside the banking system, and how he quickly found out the constant pressure he would be under to steer retirees into expensive special coins costing multiple times what normal gold & silver should cost.

Surprisingly, some of the worst offending firms are characterized by famous celebrity spokespersons, such as retired sports starts, movie or TV stars, or retired politicians, and by polished expensive advertisements that convey an aura of trustworthiness, while simultaneously pressuring investors to buy odd sized specialty coins, proof sets, rare collectibles, or first-strike mint sets, that cut their savings in half and transferred the wealth to the dealer.

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