What is going on with silver?


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SBTV spoke with the precious metals professor Vince Lanci from Arcadia Economic's SilverFix. Vince lays out the bigger picture of silver for all of us to understand. All I can say is not even the moon has enough rabbit-holes to go down on this one.

Discussed in this interview:
01:03 Vince's background
02:12 Oriental gold
04:01 What's in the vault?
10:40 Where's the silver going?
15:18 COMEX backdoor
18:47 Evolving exchanges
22:56 East vs. West gold price
27:28 China's coming out

Silvers supply and demand fundamentals have been very strong for the past 15 years... On paper. But the problem is we don't see the undeclared repositories of aboveground available silver. When trying to evaluate the market with any level of accuracy, you cannot factor in what you cannot see. This is a problem.

It's a fact that supply has come from somewhere when there's been a deficit. Some of this comes from repositories (transparent silver holdings) such as the Comex, SLV, Sprott etc, but they rarely deliver enough to match the deficit completely. There has to be another undeclared source.

We had a 200+ million Oz deficit last year and the silver price actually went down. In no 'normal' market would that ever happen. What we have is some entity feeding the markets whenever there's a deficit. Price controls become a feature of this ongoing intervention, whether you think there's a conspiracy to control the price or not.

With silver being a finite resource and mine supply being so limited at these price levels, it doesn't matter if the undeclared repository has 2 billion+ Oz's - it will eventually run out. The transparent silver holdings of hedge funds and ETFs only total approx. 1 billion Oz's. It would only take 5 years @ 200 million Oz's per year to drain these repositories, and the possiblity of them giving it all away is nearly zero.

It's all a waiting game. It always has been. Most people (including myself) only looked at the available market information when assessing silver, and didn't fathom an entity with abundant aboveground reserves, who's hellbent on supplying the market whenever there's a deficit. It happens to be a critical piece of the puzzle but an easy one to overlook.
I like fractional gold of late. Too many years I have been heavy on silver and lost my way on the lust of the silver metal. I love silver it's in my blood but I'm bloated from it, so let's see my next leg of stacking. :;
They both feel very different when you hold them. It's like Silver connects you to spirit but Gold connects you to source. The moment you hold Gold, you just know it's special, like your holding the violent, life-giving force of the universe, of creation itself. Silver feels like it grounds you to the electro-static nature of mother earth and everything around you - Sort of like amplifying you as an access point to Earth's torus field.