What, if any, role should government play in stifling or fostering disruptive technologies?


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This is a philosophical question about the proper role of government.

There are some markets where we see the effects of technology evolving over time:
  • Music industry - 8 track, cassette/LP, CD, MP3 - My understanding is that the internet and MP3 technology has disrupted the modern music industry model of labels-radio controlling everything.
  • Video - From VCRs to DVRs to streaming, Network tv to cable channels, the delivery and consumption of video media has changed a lot in recent years.
I'm sure if I spent more time noodling it, I could come up with more examples, but these are examples of tech that evolved over time.

Wikipedia describes disruptive technology as one that dramatically transforms (or revolutionizes) a certain industry:

There are some examples of technology that are being developed right now that have the potential to disrupt existing, entrenched industries/markets:
  • Clean energy - from power generation and storage to the auto industry, government is currently subsidizing (fostering) growth of green energy technologies
  • Crypto - as a potential competitor for banking and financial services (TradFi), crypto (DeFi) is currently struggling with government efforts to stifle growth
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) - This one seems to have gotten out in front of government for the moment, but government is looking to put a yoke on it
Should government be intervening in markets and picking winners and losers?
The syndrome is called the quickening. Such is it's course can be the end of mankind if used wrong in the building blocks as we humans move forward with technology. Ultimately we can destroy ourselves while we look for answers. Our planet is fragile about our existence but it will win in the end. Listen to the earth not politics. Peace