“Wealth In Your Wallet”: New Prepper Bar Disrupts Gold and Silver Industry


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Hacksaws are juuuust fine thanks....unless of course this is NOT what i expect (30-50 percent premium)
Whoah how wrong i was. 160 u.s for two ounces when spot is 29.50 ish. Of course if you get 21+ units its down to 130 u.s. Is there no limit to the creative past time of fleecing the poor with hopium?!
And whats with the metals industry renting God all the time? I know that most modern of modern litterary concoctions mentions silver and gold here and there but honestly how cheesy is it when they pull out the big G to rob the poor! Pfff
The concept is good. Wouldn't be hard to undercut the price with a competing product
Producing them is the problem / cost factor. Then the counterfeits come in and destroy their value
Is Valcambi still generating similar bars?
I'm not sure if they still do but you can still buy them privately and through some Bullion dealers. At around $100 an Oz, they are still a novelty.

They're a great idea from a preppers/barter perspective. But who wants to pay such a large premium when, as Alor said, there's "junk" silver that can play a similar role. The problem with junk is that it requires understanding of the silver content from the accepting party and isn't as simple as breaking off 1,5 or 10 grams of pure.
I plan to make a seperate thread about first majestic silver, but Keith Neumeyer has created his own mint called First Mint. It's only a few months old, but he speaks about his intentions behind the mint are to withdraw all his mined silver from the market, so the commercial bankers can't add the equivalent of 3 Billion paper ounces to their game.

It would be interesting to send Keith an email introducing him to idea of making his own Combibar. Not only could he withdraw his silver from the market and put it into the hands of physical investors, but he could simultaneously create a product that could be used for barter and reintroduce silver as money for the people.

I'd personally love to see movement where offering to settle accounts in Silver becomes normal. All it takes is enough stackers to go out and introduce the idea by offering it to shops. Most will say no but once the idea has been propagated and offered continuously, people will eventually view silver as a money for trade.