We?re Facing the Most Critical Geopolitical Time Since WW2 Warns Billionaire


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This is a great interview:

00:00 The current state of the world today
3:17 The status of gold
5:30 Why isn?t there a $2,000 in gold?
10:17 The ?Gold bug? mentality
11:13 Central banks? gold demand hits record high
13:15 New gold buyers have emerged
14:08 Why wouldn?t China tell us their number of gold purchased?
16:10 China?s gold storage ambition
18:36 What is the U.S. doing to safeguard the dollar?
20:03 U.S.?s reserve currency status
22:12 A new monetary reset
22:48 Why chose gold?
25:47 What's it going to take for gold to lift off
30:20 Volatility, Gold & Crypto
34:12 Novagold
45:24 Opportunities within the mining industry
46:54 Thomas Kaplan's life advice