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I like following along with Wall Street Silver and their community. I've created this thread to share interesting posts from Wall Street Silver on social media.



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Lol Sounds about right

^^^ old news. The derivatives markets will collapse because it is made up of thin air computer didgets from greedy bankers. Faith in the paper fiat is running out due to fake notes circulating from China and Brazil.  What is safe? Gold and silver. 
Turkey buying so much is curious. There's speculation that China is buying anonymously through Turkey. This may be an indicator the shift to de-dollarisation is near.
Mobile phone detection cameras and facial recognition systems seem like a Gateway to this type of control. There's no way I'd work under these conditions.

SILVER: If You Are Only Going To Read One Thing Today Let It Be This

Link: https://kingworldnews.com/silver-if-you-are-only-going-to-read-one-thing-today-let-it-be-this/
I went to the local bar to have a few beers today, and to my surprise there was banter from a few about stacking physical silver that work mates of theirs were recommending to stack In 40 years of stacking I have never seen this. I asked what they had bought and most of the group said 5kg each with a view to purchase more near term in silver rounds and extra 1kg bars. It looks like word is getting out and maybe sinking into people's heads .
There's a show advertised on tv ATM called "Traitor". The prize is a "truck load of silver" (looks more like a quarter wheel barrow).
An odd prize.
Winner would likely trade it for a prada hand bag.