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well here we are, UN staff started the Gaza war, the same war they condemn lol
Im sure they will spin it as some low level employees who conducted a highly complex attack lol.

Man how can any one take this UN organization seriously,
Its not a surprise for many, the UN is a terrorist Organization

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This is total rhetorical spin.
The UN is garbage but to cut UNHRWA funding (literally taking food out of starving peoples mouths) is sheer idiocy.
Of the 30,000 UNHRWA volunteers, something like 12 were identified as having links with Hamas. Wow imagine that, a conflict zone where people are involved in conflict.
What a giant nothing burger.
You know who else has links to Hamas? Try the Israeli cabinet ministers and state. We should try defund them next.
if you’re worried about the UN, you should be. But be sensible in your concerns. UNRWA feed the broke and miserable.

Below is a photo of UNIFIL conducting espionage and battle damage assessment on behalf of the IDF in Tyre, Southern Lebanon following an air strike that killed a Hamas leader and two civvies on the side walk.

This is what it looks like to lose your sovereignty to the UN.

Recently Norwegian special forces and other UN troops were discovered in unmarked vehicles in Beqaa Valley, a Hezbollah stronghold, conducting recon and forward air control for IDF air strikes.


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