They Are After Your Money.


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George Christensen from Nation First <nationfirst@substack.com>

Tuesday was Budget Day in Canberra.

I just happened to be grabbing lunch in the parliamentary cafeteria. (Nothing fancy. Just pork with fried rice and a coffee). As I was waiting for my coffee, I cast my eyes around the cafeteria. The place was packed. I felt like yelling out ?WHY ARE YOU ALL HERE?? but I already knew why.

Why, you ask? Well, Tuesday was Budget Day in Canberra. That?s why.

Rent-seekers from across the nation had descended on Canberra for the annual show we call the Federal Budget. From the welfare lobby through to the bigwigs from our banking cartel, they were all there? to get their hands on your money.

If you?ve ever wondered why you pay so much in tax, this is the reason.

Too many non-profits and private corporations now think they are entitled to get their hands on your tax dollars.

In my maiden speech to the House of Representatives in 2010, I railed against taxation, saying:

    There are only a few things more detestable to me than someone mooching directly off your income, even if it?s the State and its supposedly for the common good. Income tax should go.

I revisited that theme in my valedictory speech, when I said:

    Taxation is theft. The more money we allow working Australians to keep in their pockets, the better.

Given how much waste and rent-seeking I have seen over the past 11 years I?ve been in parliament, I can tell you that your money is better in your pockets than in government coffers or in the hands of whomever they decide to dole out your hard-earned to.

If you want an example of the kind of trash that your taxes get spent on, look no further than the recent round of arts grants. The Daily Telegraph reported:

    More than $10 million of taxpayer funds have been handed out in the latest round of government art grants - but questions have been raised about why ?political activists masquerading as artists? are being handed so much cash.

    The list of some of the eyebrow raising projects include a performance artist who ends up ?getting naked and putting something up her butt? while ?popping nangs? during performances and a filmmaker who includes splices of gay amateur pornography.

The whole arts grants fiasco rightly led Christian activist Lyle Shelton to bemoan the ?Morrison Government?s lack of will and courage to fight the culture wars? with the ?latest splash of taxpayer money to LGBTIQA+ sexual and other radicals.?

Thankfully, the Federal Budget gives some of our own money back to us in the form of increasing the tax offset for low and middle income workers to $1,500 this year and cutting the fuel tax in half for six months, reducing the price at the bowsers by 22 cents a litre.

I say again: that money is better in your pocket than in the coffers of government!