The Wild Card That Would Send Gold to $5,000, Silver to $300 in This Cycle


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"Silver is the most conductive and reflective metal out there. It sets the standard bar none for industrial metals," says Peter Krauth, editor of Silver Stock Investor and author of The Great Silver Bull. "Those properties make it irreplaceable in a ton of applications... the single biggest one today is solar, where silver is driving the solar market," he tells Daniela Cambone at the 2023 Swiss Mining Institute conference. "I see silver going higher by the end of the year. Silver tends to follow gold and by all measures, it's very likely to be considerably higher this year," Krauth continues. "I could see $30 silver by the first half of next year," he predicts. "In this cycle, based on the research I've done, we could see silver hit a peak of $300 in a time of speculative mania," Krauth exclaims. "The monetary demand is what will send the precious metal soaring," he continues. "[Electric vehicles] require twice as much silver as a regular car. Silver surrounds us and we don't even realize it," Krauth concludes.

0:00 Why Peter is a believer in silver
3:35 How long until silver's price is accurate?
4:47 Why monetary demand will send silver soaring
5:37 Why is silver not a critical metal?
6:28 What about gold's projection?
7:17 Silver miners
8:16 How to isolate the best silver miners
9:51 Peter's final thoughts