The Whole World Is Buying PHYSICAL Gold & Silver | Matthew Piepenburg


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Central banks and investors our buying physical precious metals, says Matthew Piepenburg. People are waking up to the issues with ETFs and want the physical metal. As the Dollar rises, the financial system is reaching a breaking point, he says. He expects the Fed to pivot, but this time, currency creation won't inflate the stock market, but instead will flow into real assets like precious metals.

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0:00 Intro
1:40 Metals update
12:40 Fed pivot
15:18 Credit Suisse
19:34 Bailout the banks
22:55 Strong Dollar
27:00 Piepenburg online
27:27 Miles Franklin

I saw my cousin the other day who is a full normie, Ive been telling him about silver for 10 years, but now he has friends that have brought some and was thinking about buying some.