The West Debt & Inflation Implosion


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Tom Bodrovics from Palisades Gold Radio welcomes back Egon von Greyerz, Founder and Chairman of Matterhorn Asset Management AG based in Switzerland.

Egon explains how the West's debt is being increased exponentially, and that it's only a matter of time before the bubble pops. The U.S. debt has doubled every eight years, and by 2025, is expected to reach around $40 trillion. The Fed will likely reach a point where it will no longer be able to control interest rates. This signifies a dire situation that is further complicated by the fact that no one wants to buy bonds from a country that is technically bankrupt. To try and keep the debt at bay, the U.S. will most likely deploy inflationary tactics, resulting in an increase in prices.

Investing in gold is the way to safeguard yourself, and your family, from a broken financial system. Additionally, Egon emphasizes that banks in the E.U. are no better off than those in the United States, and the current economic system would have worked much better if supply and demand were allowed to rule, as opposed to the continuous government interference. We are seeing a decline in the West, which could potentially lead to conflict. Nevertheless, Egon advises that we can help each other to make it through this rocky patch, as it's going to be difficult for everyone.

Talking Points From This Episode
- Why the U.S. Debt Ceiling is just political posturing.
- EU banks are just as worse off as the U.S.
- The West is in decline and it will take time to correct.

0:00 - Introduction
0:43 - U.S. Debt Ceilings
6:13 - Debt Pool Analogy
11:16 - YCC & C.B. Purchases
13:40 - Banking Contagion
23:54 - Bail-In Concerns
27:02 - EU & Western Banking
32:05 - What Breaks Next?
35:00 - Eastern Nations & Gold
42:36 - Domestic Gold Production
47:57 - Gold Price & Meaning
51:08 - Inflation End-Game
54:55 - Concluding Thoughts

Thanks to Palisades Gold Radio for this interview.