"The Voice" explained/ exposed

It amazes me why we are even have this referendum. If Everyone in Australia is equal by law why are we voting for a divided solution? I don't get it.
"Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others" - George Orwell

Also, some Aboriginal people are clearly not treated as equal. At least according to the ATO.

the iron ore is sold for billions, and the dust settled on the land, 100k for dusty living is way too cheap, not considering the noise pollution etc, it was a form of compensation anyway.

they made the laws and its exemptions
What a clown.

"Tertiary educated" people were also more likely to get the jab, less likely to think critically and challenge the narrative, and justify their dissonance with fallacious arguments like "appeal to authority".

16+ years of educational conditioning can really take its toll on one's ability to think outside the box.