The coming "alien invasion."


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I don't think aliens are going to invade.
I don't want to be to specific with a prediction but the way the US government is talking about these Objects makes me think they're about to put on a show.
Wasn't it that old nazi Wernher Von Braun who said the elites last move is a fake alien invasion?
The senate had a briefing the other day about these things, pentagon is having press conferences about it, they're saying their all over the world.
I don't know about tomorrow, but I reckon their going to try and pull some shit before the end of the year.  Or maybe next, this whole thing has tended to drag on.

My spidey senses tells me that something big is about to happen, and these fake ufo sightings and take downs are warning the elites  that shit is about to go down. More a forewarning so they don't get stuck in the mud with all us sheep. Just a discomforting hunch I have :eek:
may be some connections issues for a few weeks off line

Younglinks landing from skyscrappers, bored to death with no online access, lots of death notes

IMF Says World Needs To Prepare For The "Unthinkable" After COVID, War In Ukraine https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/imf-says-world-needs-prepare-unthinkable-after-covid-war-ukraine

Lufthansa Grounds All Flights After Severed Broadband Cable https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/lufthansa-grounds-all-flights-after-broadband-cable-severed
I believe it will have something to do with a crash of the internet of some sorts! If it goes down boy will it be a poo throwing party  8)

we are in danger, the aliens are here after our poket money

dragafem said:
Look into project blue beam...

Before the 2016 election there was a leaked document from the Benenson strategy group working for Clinton foundation getting around search https://www.scribd.com/document/328378492/Clinton-Salvage-Program-Document
talking about amung many things including using a virus and using projections under the name "project firesign", I can't confirm if it's real, interesting though. I'd say bluebeam is long gone as a name. I remember seeing an inverview with someone saying that secret programs don't end, they get renamed. I can't remember who it was.