The Case for Silver: An Undervalued Asset with HUGE Potential!

Why is silver under-valued? I pay 1250 for a coin with a face value of $30 (then i fumbled on a fishing trip and dropped it in the ocean, dang it). How is it undervalued? All this spin simply because its value just returned to what it already was a few months ago is a tedious cycle that seems to serve a purpose of exciting newcomers (or fools) I think the silver is over valued. Platinum on the otherhand....phewee thats going places.
It's undervalued because of its fundamentals. Don't forget we mine it at a ratio of 7:1 to gold, we have massive deficits year on year and it's the second most useful commodity on the planet. By all measures it should be priced a lot higher but there were once very large stockpiles of aboveground silver, which have been held and fed to the market since we removed it from our coinage. For some reason these stockpiles have been used to keep the price of Silver down, and without it, silver would have to be priced much higher based on how necessary it is for a broad spectrum of critical applications.