Thai Nakon silver, royal/government mark?


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I brought this travel photo frame a good while off silverstackers, when I got it I thought, I wonder what the mark on the far left is for about a minute then, I'll figure it out later then put it away.
I just pulled it out for a look and the best I can figure is its the royal/government seal of Thailand.
I don't know if this is a normal thing to see on siam silver, (I've got a few pieces and it's not on any others) or if it means that it was made for the royal family or a diplomat or something like that.
If anyone knows anything about this sort of thing any information would be appreciated.


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Hi mate,  what else is stamped into it? My wife is thai so I'll ask her about the piece.  Her knowledge about the old Siam is quite good
OK,  so the bird like figure  stamped into the frame  means government approved Stirling Silver. Similar to the British lion/ griffin  on their Stirling objects .I'm assuming the other stamps are the makers marks and year made. Have you ever investigated under the photo?  Nice piece as Siam silver is exceptionally embossed by hand! Great craftsmanship back then
Thanks for the response.
I haven't seen a huge amount of siam silver, but this is the only one with that government mark I've seen, all others just say siam sterling or siam silver, but none of the others have makers marks either. Thai Nakon is the maker.
There isn't any stamp that indicates date.
I've had a look under the photos and there isn't anything hidden.
The more I look at it the more I like it! Going to leave it out on display for a while and enjoy it for sure, can't believe I left it in a box unappreciated for so long. It's probably my favourite piece of non bullion silver I own.

Yes, "Siam Silver" does not mean a standard!  It can contain any amount of silver and other metals in % . When it has the government seal it is of high quality Stirling  silver and would have cost a nice penny in it time