Staying One Step Ahead in a dangerous and uncertain world - John Adams.


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Today I am writing to you with what could be the most important information you will receive about the coming changes occurring in our economy and across the globe.

In case you haven't noticed ... Australia and the world is deteriorating at a rapid pace.

We are in the middle of an economic, social and political upheaval - and by every account it is only set to  get worse in the coming months and years ahead.

Despite what the politicians, corporate leaders and bureaucrats tell you through the media (which they control), we now are heading into some very financially dangerous and difficult times.

This is why it is so important that you  must act and take steps to protect yourself and your family now, become informed, and be prepared for what lies ahead.

If you do - you can navigate these economic, political and societal dangers, you still have the opportunity to remain free, full of positive choices about the life you wish to live.

We are in Imminent Danger? 

We are now witnessing the biggest debt bubble in Australian history and at the same time the biggest debt bubble in the history of the world.

To make matters worse we have out of control public officials implementing radical economic policies. This debt bubble encompasses an over-enlarged financial system full of financial sharks and predators and at the same time weak and incompetent regulators. This is a recipe made for large financial losses.

Why Should You Care ?

Few people truly understand the full-range of risks that they are exposed to ? but ?they have never been higher.

The world was already on a massive debt and deficit spending spree not only since the 2008 GFC but well before it. The response to the COVID-19 pandemic however has kicked the global debt bubble into high gear and has resulted in runaway high inflation across both the developed and developing world.

It is Not Going To End Well.

The cost of living for many people around the world, including Australians, is already out of control with the cost of food, housing (especially rent) and energy impacting the living standards of millions.

According to Australia?s economic establishment, official inflation has hit 8%. The real experience for most Australians however is much worse than what the government and its institutions are admitting.

How To Prepare For Economic Armageddon?

By preparing well and in advance I managed to put myself into a very fortunate and strong financial position.

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, knowing what was coming I made important life and health choices (i.e., not to take the vaccine) that I was compelled to make.

From the very start, I had a simple goal which was to ensure that my children wouldn?t experience any economic hardship or the ups and downs of the financial markets. I wanted to create a stable home environment which would give my children the best environment to flourish and grow. This is what every parent wants.

To achieve this  goal, I made a series of very deliberate choices which have served me and many others now who follow me well.

Having successfully done this , I decided I want to be able to help you and others too  not fall victim to things happening now out of your control.

I now want to open the opportunity to work with you, if this is what you would like, and help you achieve your goals using my economic, political and public policy  expertise and knowledge that I have built up over two decades.

I want to be able to do this with integrity and well researched analysis.

Should this interest you and would like access to what I offer to a small exclusive group of people - who would like to secure their futures  and  follow my lead - this is now available to you.

By making this decision I am confident this too will put you in a superior position (rather than  following the mainstream narrative), to help you weather this incredible storm that is brewing - and is here now.

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Kind  Regards
John Adams
Chief Economist
Adams Economics