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Yeah i know heaps about Coins and Bullion but nothing about Stamps, only they use to go on envelopes and they make good kindling

So i have inherited a very large box of Australian Stamps back to 1914. I have figured there is roughly $4000 face value just in Unused stamps that are in packs and sheets dating from around the mid 1970's thru to 2010

I also have albums of quality stamps in unused condition
Is there anyone here than can point me in the right direction, i dont want to start collecting stamps i would rather tip the proceeds into Bullion

Please pm me if you have anything to contribute, otherwise i need to get a heap of penfriends and some good pens with plenty of ink in them
You can sell the unused stamps for 50% to 60% of face value. The 5 shilling harbour bridge stamp has value, as do some of the ?1 and ?2 pound kangaroo stamps.