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Ahaha-hahaha!!! All those crypto fans who echo the "decentralised" mantra. It was so easy to figure out that crypto was nothing more than a trial run to set the stage for a cashless society. It was and never will be a threat to the establishment. Bitcoin has been allowed to rise and propagate, and it will fall when it's allowed to fall. It's all a stage, a plot, a plan to capture the minds of the naive, ignorant and the greedy.

We will never learn, therefore we will never break free from our shackles and the system that enslaves us.
It is very predictable.
A lot of money to be won & lost in a game of musical chairs (or musical snares) where the organ grinder & his friends make the big money & the others are fleeced.
The central banks don't have to, & will not tolerate competition. But CBDCs need to be introduced somehow so the CBs allow (if not control) that & get people comfortable. At some point the CBs must destroy confidence in DEFI while promoting their own CBDC.
As we've seen over the last 30 months, people will believe anything & if that involves "free money"they'll race into the trap even harder.
It's very easy to destroy confidence in any man or product if you control the media. After all they have the power to make an innocent man guilty & a guilty man innocent. So destroying confidence is all in a days work.
When the CBs are ready, they'll provide free wallets with XXX amount of free digital currency to get people hooked, all on the back of a fabricated crisis. We saw how readily people accepted the bribe of sit down money during lock down. That's been war gamed & they saw how easy it was. We probably all saw people racing to sell metals & even cars & real estate in extraordinary displays of FOMO. That cash currency was lost on non tangible pipe dreams.
Anyway that's how I see it.
Germany is now ?total dictatorship? ? Dutch journalist to RT
Western nations have used the Ukraine conflict as a pretext to destroy what was left of the freedom of speech, Sonja van den Ende says https://www.rt.com/news/568260-germany-west-media-control/