Silver Use Soars as Deficit Deepens


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Rise of the Machines. Silver Use Soars as Deficit Deepens.
Robots Transform Manufacturing, Automotive, Construction, Mining, and Heavy Industry Sectors. These Machines use Billions of Silver ounces.

We will add 2,775,000,000 Ounces of Silver (2.8 billion ounces) to the spreadsheet we documented throughout this The Silver Star Academy Research project and explain why companies like Summa Silver Corp. (TSXV: SSVR) (OTCQX: SSVRF) (FSE: 48X) are essential for supplying critical energy minerals.

Rise of the Machines. Robots Transform Manufacturing

Timeline of Robotic Revolution: A Decade in Numbers

  • 2010-2020: The Robotic Surge
    • Estimated millions of robots manufactured globally.
    • World Robotics Report 2020: A record 2.7 million industrial robots in operation worldwide.
    • Germany witnesses a 6% increase in installed robots, reaching 23,777 units in 2021.
    • Operational stock of robots globally hits 245,908 units in 2021.
  • 2020: U.S. Robotic Onslaught
    • A record 310,700 industrial robots operate in U.S. factories.
    • The operational stock of robots triples in the past two decades.
    • Predictions suggest a staggering 20 million robots will replace jobs in the next 10 years.
  • Global Inference: The Robot Boom
    • Considering the growth trends, the past decade likely saw the manufacture of several million robots.

Global Robotics Powerhouses: Top 5 Manufacturing Countries

  1. China: The Titan
    • Emerges as the world's largest market for industrial robots.
    • Experiences significant annual installations and rapid operational stock growth.
  2. South Korea: The Density Champion
    • Achieves a remarkable robot density of 1,000 industrial robots per 10,000 employees in 2021.
    • Tops the world in robot density.
  3. Singapore: The Automation Hub
    • Boasts a high robot density of 670 robots per 10,000 employees in 2021.
    • Positioned among the most automated countries globally.
  4. Japan: The Robot Haven
    • A predominant robot manufacturing country.
    • High robot density of 364 robots per 10,000 employees.
  5. Germany: Europe's Robotics Hub
    • Largest robot market in Europe.
    • Substantial operational stock and a robot density of 397 units per 10,000 employees.

Heavy Metal in Mining Machines

Heavy-Duty Robotics: Giants of Industry

  • Mining Titans
    • Komatsu 980E-4: High payload haul truck in mining operations.
    • Liebherr T 282C: Massive haul truck for heavy-duty mining applications.
    • Caterpillar 797F: Robust mining truck for heavy work in mining and construction.
    • P&H 4800XPC: Large electric mining shovel for heavy excavation.
  • Industrial Giants
    • ABB IRB 8700: Large industrial robot for heavy-duty applications.
    • FANUC M-2000 Series: Strongest 6-axis robot with a handling capacity of 2.3 tons.
    • KUKA KR 1000 Titan F Series: Boasts a payload capacity of 1,300 kilograms and a reach of 6.5 meters.

World's Largest Robots Doing the Heavy Lifting

  1. FANUC M-2000 Series
    • Handling capacity: Up to 2.3 tons.
    • Reach: Up to 4.7 meters.
    • Designed for handling and palletizing heavy parts, ideal for automotive or metal industries.
  2. KUKA KR 1000 Titan F Series
    • Payload capacity: 1,300 kilograms.
    • Reach: Up to 6.5 meters.
    • Utilized in moving automotive floor pans, car bodies, large household appliances, tractors, and more.
  3. ABB IRB 8700
    • Known for heavy-duty applications in aerospace, oil and gas, and power generation.
    • Large reach capacity, suitable for assembly tasks on entire fuselage sections in the aerospace industry.

The last decade has witnessed an unprecedented rise in the global robotic landscape, with millions of robots deployed across industries. Countries like China, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and Germany have emerged as manufacturing powerhouses, driving the robotic revolution. The heavy-duty robots showcased signify the scale and capabilities of modern robotics, transforming industries and reshaping the future of work.


There is an immediate need to invest in silver mining projects, and you will learn next week we have new reports on massive infrastructure and construction projects (Heavy Machinery) that use much more silver than these robots.