Silver Red Alert

I am constantly amazed by the capacity of some presenters to create exciting headlines around silver!

So....is this the big one?

As I have a niggling sense of deja vu...
The hype would've been crazy in 2008-2011 (even crazier in 79-80), of which I wasn't a part of but I've never had a stronger level of excitement for silver than I do right now. The real shortage ( silver actually running out ) will occur by 2028-2030 but this could well be the beginning of the population competing for available silver.

The perfect storm is definitely developing and all the reasons I got into silver are coming to fruition. I've said it many times before; The only thing I can see preventing silver from exploding is a dramatic decrease in demand - likely from a dramatic decrease in consumption - caused by a dramatic decrease in population. Considering what we've just been through with the clot shots, I consider this as being probable.

Despite that, we have to get there from where we are now and I still think we're at the beginning of a massive price explosion with Silver. Everything is just aligning perfectly and it's impossible to ignore the climate we're in now and the potential for what lies ahead.
^^^ when the tightened  spring let's go on silver it will blow governments minds. Silver has done this before in ancient times, and will deliver its same intensity again.  As I keep saying please let me see it go poof to the moon in my lifetime.