Silver May Hit $700 After Massive Multi-Decade Breakout


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Silver May Hit $700 After Massive Multi-Decade Breakout

With the countdown to silver breaking out of a multi-decade cup and handle formation winding down, is it possible silver is headed to $700 after the $50 all-time high is surpassed?

A Silver Stacker?s Dream

More: https://kingworldnews.com/is-it-possible-silver-is-headed-to-700/
Silver spruikers are grand masters in the use of the words "May...", "is it possible" and application of the question mark to their statements.
Price may not have much meaning when inflation is running near double digits. Just stay focus and remember to pick up after the discount signal and after those price drops. Hope to pick up for the year 2023 again.
If this chart were a female it would be absolutely stunning. The spring is wound up so tight that when it gives POS could go anywhere  8)



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Silver Soul said:
^^^ I would love to see silver at its true value! This doesn't mean an end of times scenario at all.  ;)
Yeah, I agree,  it's not necessarily the end of world. There is many ways that silver can reach $300 an oz without every one trying to crack each other's skulls open to feast on the goodness inside 😀