Serious Food Shortages Coming | David Smith


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The invasion of Ukraine and sanctions on Russia are leading to a major paradigm shift, says David Smith, senior analyst at The Morgan Report. Further trade restrictions hitting an already fractured supply chain could cause a serious food shortage. De-dollarization will exacerbate already multi-decade high inflation.

Find Smith online: http://themorganreport.com

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There is one crucial thing about growing food and that is water,and fertilisers  esental  for good crop yeilds Just under a year ago I invested heavily in fertiliser stocks  due to world saber rattling. Very happy I did now. War can do nasty things about  world trade.
It might be time to turn some of those paper profits into physical. Physical food that is.


Grow to eat has been in my background life for years. Sadly millions of humans have no idea how to do it. Lots are just fat pigs living of sugar filled foods full of wow factor stuff to get them hooked into a early grave .very sad