Seminar: Staying Free In A Dangerous World: Australia Is Sailing Into The Abyss


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Upcoming Event: Staying Free In A Dangerous World: Australia Is Sailing Into The Abyss

The world is in the midst of economic, social and political upheaval which will only get worse in the coming months and years ahead.
About this event

The largest debt bubble and the most extreme fiscal and monetary economic stimulus in world history in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in runaway inflation across both the developed and developing world.

The cost of living for many Australians is out of control with the cost of food, housing (especially rent) and fuel impacting the living standards of millions across the country.

According to Australia?s economic establishment, official annualised inflation is expected to hit 7% by the end of 2022, even though the lived experience in Australia is much worse than what the government and its institutions such as the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) are willing to concede.

Ultra low interest rates, mass propaganda (especially from government officials) and investor mania led millions of Australians allocating significant sums of financial capital (in some cases their life savings) into over inflated and risky asset classes.

These pressures are also compounded via the Australian Taxation Office chasing over AUD $33.5 billion in tax debts from those who were given relief not to settle their tax obligations during the pandemic (particularly small business).

Millions of Australians who have been drowning in debt and massive financial commitments during the past couple of years were forced to undertake medical procedures otherwise face financial ruin. Medical totalitarianism resulted in thousands of Australians experiencing severe injury or even death. Only those who had financial freedom were able to withstand the medical totalitarian onslaught.

To add insult to injury, Australia?s politicians (both Federal as well as State) have given themselves generous pay rises to their already lavish taxpayer funded lifestyle at the same time they have bankrupted generations of Australian children through incurring over AUD $1.5 trillion in public sector debt which there are no plans to repay.

In an attempt to restore credibility, central banks are attempting to address the inflation crisis by aggressively withdrawing monetary stimulus both in terms of raising interest rates, ending quantitative easing and commencing quantitative tightening.

In the past 3 months alone, we have seen the most rapid collapse in asset prices with over US $33 trillion loss in the value of global shares, over $2 trillion in cryptocurrencies and trillions lost in across the global bond market.

As interest rates continue to soar quickly and aggressively, real estate assets, especially in economies with major household debt bubbles like Australia, are likely to tumble as available cheap credit dries up, property investors run for the exit doors and heavy indebted home owners are forced to put their property on the market in a forced liquidation.

On the home front, millions of Australians are now facing a financial nightmare of stagflation which includes eye watering debt, out of control cost of living pressures, rising interest rates and a rapidly slowing economy.

The establishment (especially the RBA Governor) says that everything is fine and that Australian households have adequate financial buffers to whether the storm, however independent data sources such as Martin North from Digital Financial Analytics and anecdotal stories across Australia suggest that Australians are doing it extremely tough at the moment.

The current economic predicament should not be of any surprise given that As Good As Gold Australia?s Chief Economist, John Adams publicly warned as early as 2016 of a looming Economic Armageddon resulting for the largest Australian and global debt bubbles in recorded human history.

Economic policy makers are soon reaching a fork in the road.

Do they continue the fight against inflation and risk a new global financial crisis and economic depression through either a credit or liquidity risk event or do they surrender to inflation in order to keep the debt bubble going?

Either choice is going to result in extreme hardship for billions of people across the world.

The lived experienced of this hardship in Australia will be dependent as to what extent have individuals understood current and future economic conditions and have made adequate preparations.

In line with our mission to help our country, we are pleased to announce that As Good As Gold Australia will be hosting a seminar on Thursday, 18 August 2022 at the City Diggers in Wollongong, headlined by John Adams.

John will be presenting his thoughts on:

? the Australian and global economy ? especially on the status of the global debt bubble and runaway inflation;

? how central banks are trapped in either triggering the largest financial crisis and economic depression in world history or surrendering the fight against inflation;

? how Australia is headed into the political, economic and social abyss; and

? how should Australians prepare in order to remain free and survive the upcoming upheaval.

We believe that this presentation is of critical importance.

If 2020 and 2021 has taught us anything it is that as economic conditions become more dire, establishment institutions such as government, corporations, unions and the media will become more desperate and extreme to preserve their political power and advance their financial interests all at your expense.

WHERE: City Diggers - 82 Church Street, Wollongong, NSW 2500

WHEN: Thursday, 18th August 2022

TIME: 6.30-9.30pm

COST: $15 per person

If you are at all concerned about the ongoing ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic, the declining state of the real estate market, the deteriorating bond market, potential job loss, and the volatility in global stock markets in Australia and indeed all around the world, and need some answers, you need to attend this upcoming event.

Hurry! Register by booking your ticket above to secure your seat.

Limited to 150 seats only.

Link: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/staying-free-in-a-dangerous-world-australia-is-sailing-into-the-abyss-tickets-390438260347
I went to this last night. It was brilliant. Ill post on here a little later some of the topics that were covered.
The $15 x 150 attendees makes for a good earn for 4 hours, even if there were 50% costs.

So Adam spoke from 6.30 to 9.30 then took questions for another 40 minutes.

Some of the stuff he said and his thoughts were:

* He is leaving working for As Good As Gold.
* He is working on a new educational product start up.
* He thinks Scomo . Gov general should be sacked.
* He is not vaxed and thinks most of the chief health officers are negligent at best.
* He thought the response to covid was wrong on nearly every level and the extra trillion in debt will bankrupt the country in due course.
* He thinks inflation is here to stay, could get much worse. Went into his reasons for it.
* He thinks the govt will do everything they can to stop the bubble bursting, especially in real estate. He said that's why the new Gov't has upped immigration to a record high.
* He is working with a few other people globally to end PM manipulation, he said more to come out on that soon.
* He doesn't like bitcoin. He likes PMS especially phys silver and silver shares.

Other topics covered were the defeat of the cash ban, CBDC, Digital I.D, real estate debt, central banks, RBA incompetence, how many economists are bought off, WEF, NWO, record Aussie debt etc etc.

Also the age of the crowd was very mixed, I'd say from early 20's to 70's.

He also mentioned that the USA's current administration have changed the definition of a recession and its changed on wikipedia and the page was locked so no one can change the new definition!