Russian Sanction Blowback Will Drive a Physical Gold Revaluation


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In this week?s Live from the Vault, Andrew Maguire analyses the blowback effect of freezing Russian assets on the precious metals market and the connection to a significant gold uptake we?re currently witnessing.

As the physical gold demand is getting off the scale, the London whistleblower investigates the Central Bank?s race to repatriate gold reserves.

00:00 Start
01:30 Paper vs Physical battle - The overview
06:30 Geopolitical events shifting dynamics for gold
12:20 SWIFT Nuclear options fired! Physical gold and silver shortages
14:20 Battle on gold as a PSYOP operation! What does it mean?
18:40 Russia?s and China?s reserves, petrodollar & the paper gold market
28:40 Andy's update on the silver price action

1 USD was 75 Rubles before the 24 Feb 2022
now after the gas export is to be settled in Rubles only for the unfriendly
1 USD to 95 Rubles and falling back to where t all started. (29/3/2022 today)
dateline is set on 31 March 2022
we will soon find out the rates after 2-3 weeks
1 USD can be buying 75-85 Rubles again  ;D