Russian Gas for Gold: Further Commodity & Food Shortages to Come


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You can see here that economic powerhouse nations like Germany recently imported half their gas demand from Russia in 2020.

A day following that declaration, the Russian head of the State Duma Energy Committee Pavel Zavalny stated publicly, ?We provide real resources, but we can?t use fees for them. As soon as the euro and the dollar ceased to be means of payment, they lost interest for us. The rate is calculated in hard currency (#Gold) or in a currency convenient for us.?

He went on to state, ?They won?t pay for gas, this gas simply won?t be available.?

So for ?unfriendly countries? trying to buy gas from Russia, the choice of payment is apparently now gold and or Russian rubles.

Naive politicians in the west, including many here in the USA, are supposedly trying to sanction Russian gold reserves from being used in international payments.

Never mind that Russia?s over 70 million ounces of official gold bullion reserves reside within its respective borders, not held in risk-laden vaults of New York or London.

For a quick illustration of how misguided average Americans are on the matter, here?s a recent 90-second mainstream news clip laden with errors and mistakes. See how many you can spot as they are being made.

Pause, banned by who? She pointed at the fiat Chinese yuan image calling it the Japanese yen, a big difference in the USA?s sphere of influence. Nations like China, India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc? they can choose to ignore these Russian gold sanctions and will likely do business with Russia in gold as the years and decades progress.

More misinformation continues?

Nope, Russia has been consistently transparently stockpiling additional official gold bullion reserves since 2006 through 2019 in earnest. About $144 billion in present-day gold spot price value.

This is not to trivialize the crisis that likely by now is over 3 million Ukrainian refugees pouring out and mostly into other European Union nations. An exodus on a size and scale not seen throughout this full fiat currency era.

While visiting Europe this week, US President Biden admitted food shortages are coming to the world at large.

Only days prior, while speaking to the Business Roundtable, US President Biden acknowledged the 4th Turning and a massive secular change afoot in the global economy.

What he likely means by the ?New World Order? likely involves an increased sphere of multipolar influence powers not unipolar US dominant as it has been since the end of World War 2.

Last week, our very own SD Bullion CEO Tyler Wall spoke with the #WallStreetSilver channel about the recent change in the physical bullion market buyer profile. Apparently not merely hardcore bullion stackers are buying, but new average investors are also stacking. Ones who inherently know that bullion is a buy at the present time.

I?ll leave his full 15-minute interview in the show notes and comments below if you missed it.

Silver Supply Extremely Tight - Tyler Wall, CEO of SD Bullion

Further along in that interview, again linked below, Tyler speaks to the latest #Silver planchet shortage at the US Mint which has set off an overall diminishment of silver bullion product supplies from sovereign silver bullion coins, rounds, and bars. Dealers defend their dwindling silver bullion supplies by increasing product premiums as a result.

At the moment, it's becoming difficult to find small retail 1 oz and 10 oz fine silver bullion products priced below $30 oz.

We got evidence today that silver bullion demand in Europe is also booming of late. This image taken just outside of the Austrian Mint showing lines forming for bullion buyers is becoming a regular occurrence there now: https://twitter.com/jameshenryand/sta...

Then again, what we are seeing today is nothing compared to the rush of demand spikes likely to come when fiat currency stores of value get called into critical questioning by the larger mass of investors.

Getting prudently positioned ahead of that will be key in preserving wealth and purchasing power long term.

That is all for this week.
Please make sure that you're ready for challenging times securing food (i.e. make sure your cupboard is full and maybe even give more than a mere thought to the idea of a "Victory" garden)
Why the switch to rubles?

hold your friend close, but hold your enemy closer such a Ruble
no Ruble = no gas
Russia is not forcing anyone to buy their gas

We will have to see when all the agreement expired and when new one signed to check if the Gas payment in Ruble will work.

Petrol dollar was broken, Bin Salman refused Biden phone calls, it was broken when the US removed the weapons protections many months back.

Iran JCPOA paused, not getting any oil
Venezuela did not sell oil
India abstain the Ukraine issue, and continue to buy Russian oil, turned down Japanese persuasion, and completely rejected UK visit.
China no change
Turkey will not give up their S400, continue to buy Russian oil
India set to trade with Russia  Rupee - Ruble with direct payment system! Now that's giving the US and it's US$ the middle finger.  ;D
SWIFT is out forever, not for them,
sanctions are only applicable in USD, so in Ruble/Rupee there is no sanctions violation
alor said:
SWIFT is out forever, not for them,
sanctions are only applicable in USD, so in Ruble/Rupee there is no sanctions violation

So now what happens with commodity prices against precious metals traded between the two, If they are not pegged to the US$ due to trading sanctions against the USD?
no Ruble, so faster back down ???

Japan reveals a problem with freezing Russian reserves
Tokyo has no legal right to seize foreign governments? assets held in the country, according to its finance ministry

The Bank of Japan (BOJ) cannot seize Russian foreign reserves as the country?s current laws do not allow it to do so, according to Finance Minister Shunichi Suzuki.

In late February, Tokyo announced plans to join other Group of Seven nations in seizing the Russian central bank?s foreign-exchange assets to prevent Moscow from accessing tens of billions of dollars held in Japan.