Royal Australian Mint - website "CRASH" Australia Post Just As Bad


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Guys, some of you may have been aware of the new coin releases from the Royal Australian Mint (RAM) for the very popular Remembrance coins which have already sold-out at most if not all coin dealers. Today, 03 November 2022, the RAM had so much traffic that their system was overloaded to the max which caused the 08:30hr release time to be amended to 13:00hrs but even then, the site did not come back on line and now the RAM Facebook page indicates that no coins will be sold today.

Tomorrow, 04 November 2022, coins etc should be available, ;) that's "if" their online eShop and the Queue-it system can also handle the traffic.
For those that don't know, "Queue-it" is a system that puts you in a queue with other clients to wait in the electronic line so that you can access the RAM and perform a transaction within 15 minutes.

A similar crash occurred on Wednesday 02 November 2022 when the Australia Post site crashed with the launch of their new coins.

So what is causing the crash?

There is huge demand for the RAM 2022 Two dollar Remembrance red coloured coin which, like many of the RAM coloured coins, has exploded in price.
Same goes for the Australia Post issued "Crux" coloured one dollar coin found in the series 3 Great Aussie Coin hunt.
If you are lucky enough to grab a coin, all I can say is, well done.  ;D

One day, we might see our silver coins do just as well as the copper, aluminium, nickel coins produced by RAM but for now, all we can do is smile.  ;)


PS: Coins mentioned are:
2022 RED Poppy $2 ?C? Mintmark Rememberance Day Coin
2022 Crux: The Southern Cross Limited-Edition Coloured Coin Prestige PNC
2022 Crux: The Southern Cross Limited-Edition Double Coin Prestige PNC

I only just heard about this the other day and didn't realise it was so close, almost missed it!
The RAM site is down now so it's looking like they won't be available today either.
Haha, people are paying 200 plus on the hype!
There are 60k coins, I think people might regret paying such prices once the hype dies down.
It's super irritating that commercial businesses / government agencies don't have websites capable of handling expected traffic.

Although I do have to chuckle at the last two Census debacles. Threatening every Australian with fines &/or gaol time if their household didn't log on at the same time to the one site  ;D
I just went out and tried post offices, but nada, one shop had a baby and dinosaur sets.  20 years ago lots of post offices got coins in, now it's few and far between. If I owned a post office, it would function mostly as a coin shop. lol
aussiesilver said:
Next week they will report that Russian hackers got in and bought all the Poppy's and have been sold on Russian ebay to fight the war
Congratulations, that's the funniest thing I've heard all week.
If there was an Aussie Babylon Bee that would be a perfect headline.
I can see them blaming hackers in the next couple weeks.
I think I could poorly edit an image up to look like a herald sun headline saying something along those lines.. "Russians funding war with red poppies after massive hack on .gov website" or "Red Russians funded by Red poppies." haha
haha, pretty bad but not bad for a phone that's so cracks I can hardly see what I'm doing.


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Thats really well done

Hopefully the Cremlin pick it up and bombard the Royal Mint  ;D ;D

Im closing my account with RAM just incase they do.  Not wanting anymore of my personal and private details out there incase they get hacked
shinymetal said:
Haha, people are paying 200 plus on the hype!
There are 60k coins, I think people might regret paying such prices once the hype dies down.
Just following up on this.

My relative wants a couple of these and was unable to get any in the ballot. 
Have anyone seen any of these for sale?  What were the prices and where?
I told him I'd have a look but I can only see $300 prices from eBay.
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