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There seem to be two main types of buyers and sellers on the Silverstacker sales site lately.
One wants to pay spot or as little as possible and the other just wants to squeeze you for top dollar and hope they will strike it lucky with some sucker
A lot of fairness among members seems to have evaporated since Silverstackers started. Nowadays if an item gets lost by Austpost, the buyer is expected to bear all the loss whereas I think a much fairer solution is that both buyers and sellers should share the loss.
I hope the sellers and buyers here will try and make an effort to make the sale sites here more equitable for both parties
I am not 100% sure!
I think offering  my prices a little lower.
As well as bearing part of the losses if Austpost loses the parcel may help
Always open to other ideas from buyers and sellers
It definitely comes down to perception, attitude and circumstances. I will always price my Bullion at spot or between dealer premium and spot. If I want to sell quickly, I will price accordingly. We each have our own reasons for buying and selling. Pricing things too high is a choice and the downside is that it doesn't sell.

As for the buyer and seller sharing the risk, I think it's fair if the seller sets their own terms of the sale. If we understand there's risk involved when using 3rd party carrier, then the buyer can purchase added insurance if the risk exceeds their justification.

Having said that, I think it's very decent of you to offer to cover half the risk/cost of a lost package. It shows how fair, understanding and reasonable you are, and that goes a long way to build trust and comradery within the community. Instead of it just being about a sale and a transaction, it becomes a trade of goods and values. It's like meeting someone half way for a F2F deal over long distances. Each party shares a level of investment and risk, and if it all goes down smoothly, it often leads to a strong connection between those involved.
I just want to add that the package was lost in the mail and you offered to pay half of the cost, I would respectfully decline.
Its a very good selling point although i would tend to decline also.

I will also add that if you package well,have a clear address on the packaging and send via the appropriate Austpost tracked mail, with signature 99.9% of the time it will get there. I have not lost a parcel yet. Perhaps different story overseas

And i would like to add that the appropriate description on such a parcel goes a long way. A delivery person will not risk their job to steal a Metal Paperweight with a $100 value,not the same case for a 10 OZ bar of Gold with a value in the description field of $31000. 
Can we perhaps get a sales thread sticky button at the top next to New Posts, Competitions etc, make it flash, make it red, make it stand out

All the sale threads are buried amongst the other stuff