Platinum, palladium poised for hefty 2021 losses


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By Myra P. Saefong

Platinum may be ?heavily undervalued? compared with palladium: analyst

Palladium looks to post its first yearly price decline in six years, and platinum is ready for its first loss in three years. Both metals are defying overall strength in the commodities sector, which is on track to see its benchmark index score its strongest performance since 2016.

The negative impact on demand for both metals, due to the global shortage of semiconductor chips, ?heavily influenced investor sentiment and positioning? on the Comex futures market, says Trevor Raymond, director of research at World Platinum Investment Council.

Platinum, however, has fared better than palladium this year. It may also be undervalued compared with both palladium and gold.

As of Dec. 1, most-active platinum futures PLF22, -0.76% PL00, -0.76% settled at $935.20 an ounce, down by over 13% this year, according to Dow Jones Market Data. Platinum futures last year rose over 10%, up a second straight year. Palladium futures PAH22, -0.39% PA00, -0.39% settled at $1,753.50 an ounce, nearly 29% lower this year, which would mark the metal?s first yearly loss since 2015. Last year, palladium rose almost 29%.

This year?s losses for both metals come in contrast to the S&P GSCI SPGSCI, +0.44%, a commodity index composed of 24 exchange-traded futures contracts across five physical commodities sectors, including precious and industrial metals, which is trading more than 27% higher this year. It is on track for the biggest yearly gain in five years.

Given the shortage of semiconductor chips, which are used in automobile production, and palladium?s main use in catalytic converters for gasoline-powered vehicles, palladium?s demand loss was ?far greater than that of platinum,? says Raymond. Platinum is mainly used in catalytic converters for diesel cars, and globally there are far more gasoline light vehicles than diesel, he says.

Palladium?s higher price contributed to its larger loss this year. ?The volume of platinum substituting for palladium at a 1-for-1 ratio has become more public, and palladium demand loss as a result added to negative investor sentiment,? Raymond says.

Platinum mining supply continued to ?recover gradually? from last year?s Covid-19-related operational disruptions, with total mine supply this year forecast to climb 19%, to 8.235 million ounces, according to the World Platinum Investment Council?s Platinum Quarterly report published on Nov. 24, which is based on research from Metals Focus.

Platinum demand is also expected to rise by 14% in the automotive sector, and by 26% in the industrial sector this year, the report said, but investment demand for the metal is forecast to see a year-on-year decline of 86%. Against that backdrop, WPIC forecasts a platinum supply surplus of 769,000 ounces this year and 637,000 ounces next year.

The report said that many of the trends that have dominated 2021 are expected to continue into next year, but Raymond warns that the 2022 forecast has a ?high degree of uncertainty.?
With the trend towards electrifying vehicles, some say that demand will drop.

Would spec miners / explorers venture into the platinum market?

Perhaps, if the price decreases for any length of time, marginal mines may close.

You know what they say, when no-body wants it.................. ;)

Is it too early to buy?

gold 1839 palladium 2050 diff 211, so it favour palladium
but swapor trade cost is just too high to profit from such difference
I have never been interested in platinum or palladium because the overall market demand is solely dependent on their use in the automotive industry in catalytic converters. Sure, they get used for other things as they serve as a catalyst, but physical investment demand alone is not enough to push the price to higher levels.

Even Gold I don't like because it has low industrial demand. The only thing going for Gold (besides that it's the most beautiful and lustrous metal on the planet) is central bank acquisition. You essentially piggy back off the interest and demand from central banks and wealthy elites.

Whereas Silver gets the best of both worlds. Industrial demand keep chewing through supply and is steadily increasing, and investment demand from the average joe is actually a considerable threat to global supply. It's such a small market that a doubling of investment demand would see a major shortage of supply in the broader market, but also has the added benefit of potential shortages of investment grade bullion driving premiums up whilst no shortage exists in the broader markets. Silver is just primed with potential. That's why it's my #1 choice of metals.
Palladium is leading the way down, so others might as well follow


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