People Don't Understand Gold... Or Money


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Watch: People Don't Understand Gold... Or Money

The average person doesn?t understand gold. Or even money for that matter...

As SchiffGold writes, we all recognize that there is a lot of ignorance out there, but I?m not sure we fathom just how uninformed a lot of the people around us are.

About 18 months ago, Mark Dice went out on the street in front of a precious metals dealer in Southern California and tried to trade a gold 1-ounce Canadian Maple Leaf coin in exchange for random stuff people were carrying.  Some of the items he tried to procure included a hat, a soda, a bag of clothes and ice cream.

Nobody would take the gold coin. (Gold was priced at about $1,800 an ounce at the time).

Granted some people were probably skeptical and thought they were being scammed. But Dice even offered to go into the coin shop and have the bullion appraised.

Still no takers.

And it?s clear by their reaction that many of the people simply had no clue how much an ounce of gold was worth.

Check out the video.


US Constitution written @130 years before ours, says the same. Money is only coins of gold, silver & lesser precious metals.
Make of that & use it as you will.

Interestingly, the Royal Mint website states debts to the courts may be payable in gold.
Watched another video similar...guy was offering a $20 bill and then a $10 OR a 1oz coin, majority took the Fiat and smiled happy to get free money, Recognition of real money almost non existent  ??? An Asian man with greater knowledge and familiarity took the coin quickly, diff approach to western minds  :) Sadly on a different but tied in topic think the general public if/when offered free cbdcs will again smile and quickly accept without a thought of what they're exchanging in order to get it
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