Pawn Shop Prices


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I had a few minutes to kill today and there was a Pawn shop across the road. I haven't been in side a Pawn shop for probably 20+ years.

Got to the section where they had silver. Saw some generic 1oz bars for $159 each. That's $159 per ounce. Who, in their right mind, would even consider paying that?

Needless to say I quickly walked out. Might be the last time I ever step inside a Pawn shop during my lifetime.
A while ago I took advantage of a carte Blanche 30% of jewellery sale they had at 1 store, I literally set up with a set of digital scales and spent $10s thousands on jewellery after going through their cabinets picking out the under spot items. Good time good times
You all may remember it a few years ago as I sold a few nicer pieces on stackers