Palmer blasts ?gestapo? tactics of SA Police


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Clive Palmer has blasted the ?gestapo? tactics of South Australian police who last night (Tuesday, February 1)
disbanded a United Australia Party member?s meeting at the Port Lincoln Hotel.

Mr Palmer said the heavy-handed tactics of the SA Police was just another example of an overreaching government determined to strip the freedoms and liberties from every day Australians.

?The meeting was authorised and all appropriate protocols were followed,? Mr Palmer said.
?It is a very sad indictment on the SA Government to send in the police to stifle the democratic process.

?They are obviously threatened by the United Australia Party, now the largest political party in Australia with over 80,000 members, and our resolve to break the Liberal-Labor alliance and deliver freedom back to all Australians.?

The Port Lincoln meeting was for members to meet the United Australia Party?s candidate for the electorate of Grey, Suzanne Waters.
Suzanne is an ambulance worker who was stood down as a result of the vaccine mandates. She is a hard-working mother of eight children who joined the United Australia Party to fight for a better future for her family.

The United Australia Party?s lead Senate candidate for SA, Michael Arbon, said the incident highlighted the lengths the government would go to silence alternative points of view.
?Only the United Australia Party can restore Australia to the shining beacon of freedom that is should be,? he said.