Nick Giambruno - Fiat Currencies Destined For Self-Destruction


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SBTV spoke with Nick Giambruno, founder of The Financial Underground, about why fiat currencies are on the path to self-destruction and the urgent need for people to understand what money is to protect themselves from the coming great devaluation.

Nick Giambruno's The Financial Underground: https://financialunderground.com/repo...

Discussed in this interview:
00:00 Introduction
01:20 Inflation is never a good thing
03:49 Don't be fooled by the Fed's gaslighting
08:40 Currencies will self-destruct
10:40 Expect further currency debasement
13:51 History of debt jubilees
17:54 Bread and circuses
21:34 Gold and silver outlook
26:00 End of the dollar?

I was all on board with this until this morning. Now I'm not so sure


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