New generation of Tech Zombies


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Noticing how often my kids would be on their iPads, last year I chose to restrict their tech usage to 2 hours per day. Rather than me governing their usage on a daily basis, and wanting them to be able to manage their own "addictions" for personal growth, I made it a requirement for them set timers and manage it themselves. My son has been doing very well but I found my daughter would cheat and "accidentally" not set her timer. Well, this resulted in a one month ban.

Wow! She's a little human being again! Playing outside, being creative, spending more time with us and wanting to help with chores around the house. It's almost been a month, and to be honest, I don't want her to be anywhere near her iPad.
It's amazing to see the transformation and just how dehumanising technology addictions can be for children and adults alike, turning us into mindless zombie drones.
I went through a junky smacks drivethru the other day near villawood, handed over the correct .....wait for it.....CASH!? And litterally shut the place down. The girl had no idea what she was looking at, so i counted it methodically on her stainless bench. Then she put it aside as there was no till, then i asked for a receipt. The manager came and counted the money and told me it was correct so i asked for a receipt again, they dissappeared to somewhere and eventually produced a receipt. I only asked because i was so suprised at how much it was. Inflation sure creeps up quick. Serves me right for scoffing phalate burgers. Gotta get my turbo cancer some way or another!