Natural nugget value

Shlomo Goldberg

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G'day Roos, with the gold spot price around $85.40 per gram ATM, what would the approximate market price be for natural nuggets testing 22k by the gram?
really depends on purity, spot price is 24k gold.

If you take it to places to sell they run an XRF reader over them to see its purity and pay accordingly.

So in your case if its 22k, then Privately you should get about 24k spot price per gram. so you would be selling above spot. but from a refinery you would be paid at 22k not full spot.

Big nuggets get good premiums if the shape is cool
thats a nice nugget!
love the little display its on as well.
minimal inclusions but enough to confirm its authenticity this is a premier example of a large nugget