More bullion industry laws coming?


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Reading between the lines, it looks like the gov is about to target the bullion industry with much tighter regulation. Probably because the CBDC is about to be released and bullion is probably one of the best ways to sidestep inflation and loss of privacy that it brings.

VIDEO: Tainted Gold: Inside Perth Mint's billion dollar scandal

This week on Four Corners, criminals could have targeted Australia's largest government-owned gold refiner, trying to exploit weaknesses in its reporting systems to launder money.

Reporter Angus Grigg and the team have spent months forensically investigating the inner workings of the Perth Mint, uncovering claims of major holes in the historic institution's money laundering defences.

The Perth Mint, owned by the WA government, is one of the world's largest refiners and retailers of gold bullion. It's a high risk for money laundering and it's required to conduct rigorous checks on customers.


Taxpayer-owned Perth Mint sells gold to a notorious former bikie without asking questions

Australia's biggest mint allowed a notorious former bikie to buy $27,000 worth of gold, no questions asked.

A Four Corners investigation has uncovered major holes in the compliance regime of the WA government-owned Perth Mint ? failings that could cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

The mint is required by law to conduct rigorous checks on the sale of its gold to high-risk customers and examine their source of funds.

That did not happen when the former sergeant-at-arms of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang in WA, Dayne Brajkovich, walked into the Perth Mint gift shop to buy gold in June last year.


He is no longer a member of the Hells Angels and Four Corners is not suggesting his money is sourced from illegal activity but Mr Brajkovich says the Perth Mint only asked him for his driver's licence.

$27,000 worth of gold  ::) What a criminal!

We'll never see the large accounting firms who exploit loopholes for corporate giants being investigated. Rules for me but not for thee.
that bikie could have retired from riding bike and sold his bike, to buy 3*100g gold bar.
notorious, was the old term, now people can have millions of views on TikTok and went VIRAL to earn something like bitcoins LOL