Melbourne Meetup - Sunday 7th August 2022


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We've finally organised a Melbourne meeting for those who like the shiny stuff. Guaranteed to be some bargains. Click on link below to register on the Silver Stackers site:
SS is still one of the best places to get a deal so it'll remain popular for a while. However, for the best deals in Melb you'll want to come along to our meeting this Sunday.
I just got the location and it's a very central and comfortable place in the CBD. All we need now is for the PM prices to drop for the weekend. :)
This meeting is really nothing to do with the SS forum, it's only being advertised there. I know of at least 3 Silveroo people who said they're going, so it's a good opportunity to meet some like-minded folk and do some buying and selling.
The event was actually really good. Went by way to fast. 50 or so there.

Next one in Nov will be bigger.

Definitely moving away from SS emphasis, has been renamed MMM (Melbourne Metal Meetup).

Hope to see you there.