Major Australian bank quietly stops handling cash at some branches


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Customers of one of Australia?s biggest banks will no longer be able to access cash at the counters of certain branches in the country.

ANZ customers can no longer access over-the-counter cash transactions at certain branches in Victoria.

The issue was discussed on air by 3AW?s Neil Mitchell after he was emailed by a listener about the puzzling move.

In a statement provided to the radio station, ANZ Victoria and Tasmania general manager Cameron Home confirmed ?a small number? of branches ?no longer handle cash at the counter?, but stopped short of revealing just how many branches were impacted.

?At these branches cash and cheque deposits and cash withdrawals continue to be possible through a smart ATM and coin deposit machines,? the statement reads.

More: https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/banking/major-australian-bank-quietly-stops-handling-cash-at-some-branches/news-story/1eda8600723b60c1567828eb8f72186d
It always starts with a small number. They reduce the number of ATMs, eliminate the ability to withdraw cash at branches and soon they'll be reducing the withdrawal limit.

This is a transition away from cash.... No. This is a transition away from freedom to transact outside the system. A transition away from accessing your funds when the system implodes. A transition into total dependence on the state and acceptance of CBDC's.

I can't tell you how many times I've paid with cash and the young attendant pulls out a calculator to figure out what $50 minus $9 is  ::) So many people are ready to embrace total control over their lives if given a slither of convenience in return.
Remember when they used to ask "cash or card?". Now they shove a terminal in your face and look at you like you're crazy trying to trade and old relic for goods and services.
I've noticed a lot of the self-checkout machines no longer have a cash option. It's all 'card only' now.

I refuse to use the self-checkouts for that reason.
STKR said:
alor said:
there is a reason for self service, you can bring your own bar codes to scan lol

150 lolly pops  ;D

due to bad eyes sight, $100.00 looks alike $1.0000
cut the cheaper pack, then bring the double sided tapes 2 stick that code to the item. there you go, out you go lol
The Commonwealth bank which is in the largest shopping centre in our area has just closed down. Two kilometers down in a smaller shopping centre, they closed another. Their regular walk-in business is busy and it just doesn't make any sense. What are they up to? Are the 4 major Australian banks on the verge of disaster with them closing so many branches?