Live from the Vault: Silver Supply Deficit Inevitable. Feat. Dave Kranzler


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This week, Andrew Maguire sits down with hedge fund manager and mining stock specialist, Dave Kranzler, for a deep dive into the precious metals markets.
The pair discuss the impact of retail silver buying on the market; the future of gold and silver premiums and industry predictions of a severe silver supply deficit in years to come.

00:00 Start
01:06 Silverfest 2 Conference Review
03:03 Can retail silver buying break the market?
05:20 Does Dave hedge gold and silver?
08:08 The future of gold and silver premiums
11:02  Standard Chartered draining silver
14:57  Silver supply deficit inbound
17:54 What would a silver supply deficit mean
22:00 Wholesale silver market dynamics
26:25 How long will manipulation last?

I found the conversation at 25 mins very interesting. They talk about the challenges in placing large orders and the essential blacklisting of buyers who seek bulk acquisition.