Keith Neumeyer - Silver Deficits Running Hard


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Patrick Vierra from SBTV spoke with First Majestic Corp. CEO Keith Neumeyer. Keith tells us the silver specifics from the point of view coming from the mines. Keith's first hand view and knowledge is full of good info, good info that a silver investor or in general a precious metals investor needs to know. Watch it all here.

Discussed in this interview:
01:16 Metals on the move
03:37 Silver attracting a broader market
07:57 Silver prices ad deficits
16:26 Mining info and strategic metal
22:53 The First Mint and $100 Silver

With the price of Gold being so much higher than the cost to mine, the price of Silver isn't as critical. Even primary silver mines don't rely on silver the way many think they do, and most primary silver producers barely reach a 50% silver production. I think where Keith's on the money is when he talks about exploration and the price of Silver needing to be at level that incentivises exploration. But it's kind of funny to think that from a mining perspective, Gold has played an integral role in keeping the price of Silver down.