John Adams: The Silver Sex Scandal

Wow.  Thats 50 minutes I'm never going to get back.

Summary - John tweeted about unallocated silver being a risk a year ago.  Kitco threatened legal action over it.  Nothing came of it.

I'm a fan of John, but he really made a mountain out of a molehill on this one.
I have been listening to this one while driving; so not much time lost...

my goodnesss, takes so long to say what buggedout summarised well in three sentences!

there is so much waffle in the silver broadcasting space

also...it doesn't particularly go up in price for very long period, but that is a separate complaint
John Adams Exclusive: "The Silver Sex Scandal!"

Dear all,

I am sending you a short update with some important updates which has broken in the past few days.

For those who have recently reached out to me wanting a conversation, I will make contact with you shortly. I have been consumed with other matters in the past few days including preparing and conducting a number of important interviews with Tom Bodrovics and Martin North.

The Silver Sex Scandal

Importantly, in the past 48 hours, I revealed what happened in 2021 when Kitco Metals Inc. came after me legally, through a cease-and-desist notice, when I publicly questioned the integrity of their unallocated and pool allocated gold and silver bullion products.

Kitco stated that I made false, baseless and misleading statements on 6, 7 and 10 April 2021 via 4 tweets with malicious intent and that I caused ?irreparable damage? ? which importantly included purported financial damage.

I was the only precious metals analyst in the world to be targeted and when I pushed back, Kitco?s tactics escalated their allegations to suggest that my commentary about the silver market led to one of my supporters supposedly threatening a Sydney lawyer with rape!

I recount the entire episode with Canadian based precious metals interviewer Tom Bodrovics from Palisades Gold Radio. The interview, titled ?The Silver Sex Scandal? can be viewed here:

As Above ^

The moral of the story is that that Kitco?s legal tactics were entirely all bluff and nothing ever came of it after months of back and forth tactics.

So for those who supported my legal efforts last year through the John Adams Legal Defence Fund, I thank you for all of your support.

Kitco?s tactics speak volumes in the context where the integrity of such products worldwide are under significant doubt.

The fact that they threatened me with such aggressiveness and then failed to back up their threats with actual action demonstrates that my criticisms had struck a nerve and we were over the target.

Why did Kitco come after me and no one else? As I mentioned in my

interview with Tom Bodrovics? there is more to this story. Hopefully, I will be in a position to reveal more in the coming months.

In the Interest of the People

This past week, I return back to the studio with Martin North to resume our program ? "In the Interests of the People".

With approximately 4 weeks to go until the Australian Federal Election, Martin and I share our thoughts which are primarily:

    Australia has been in decline across a range of public policy outcomes (economics, education, health, narcotics use, etc) for the past two decades; and

    this decline has been at the hands of the four-party quartet ? Liberals, Nationals, Labor and the Greens who have dominated all levels of government in Australia for the past two decades.

Both Martin and I believe it is paramount that voters take their destiny into their own hands and put the four-party quartet at the bottom of the ballot for vote for either minor parties or independents in both the House of Representatives and the Australian Senate.

I have declared publicly that COVID-19 management is the main issue I will be voting on given it is the largest Australian public administration disaster since 1915.

Thus, for the Australian Senate I will be voting for the Liberal Democrats in NSW and for the Seat of Cunningham, I will be voting for the United Australia Party. Neither party are perfect in my eyes, however, they are a much better improvement on the four-party quartet.

Moreover, I have personally known the LDP Senate Candidate for New South Wales John Ruddick for over a decade and I have meet the UAP candidate for Cunningham Ben Britton and both of them appear to my eyes to be solid men whose intellect and hearts are in the right place.

To watch our latest episode which is titled ?Stop the National Suicide?, go the following link:


Gold and Silver Storage/Pool-Allocated/Unallocated Research

As many of you would know that I am researching the gold and silver markets for many years and I have published many articles about precious metals, their economic function, their history and how these markets work (including commentary about manipulation).

One of the areas that I am keen to examine is storage products and associated fees related to precious metals (especially in light of my new comments about Kitco and unallocated and pool allocated products) and this is where I am going to need your help.

For those individuals who are holding (including as part of their self-managed superannuation funds) precious metals through a custodian (especially in Australia) where it be:

    Perth Mint;
    As Good As Gold Australia;
    Ainsile Bullion;
    City Gold Bullion;
    ABC Bullion;
    Bullion Now;
    Guardian Vaults;
    Custodian Vaults;
    Kitco (Canada); and
    Bullion Star (Singapore)

I would appreciate if you could reach out to me and tell me:

    Who is your custodian? (i.e., which provider are you using?)
    What product do you hold your precious metals in? I.e., standard storage, pool allocated or unallocated?
    Have you paid storage fees?
    How long have you been holding your precious metals with the custodian for?

This information will be held strictly confidentially and I will follow with individuals who respond.

Upcoming Media Interviews

In the coming days, watch out for an interview which I have already completed with Jim Lewis and Ivan Bayoukhi from Wall Street Silver.

Later this week, I will have interviews released with:

    Martin North ? In the Interests of the People;
    Dunagun Kaiser ? Liberty and Finance;
    Criag Hemke ? TF Metals Report; and
    As Good As Gold Australia.


Lastly, some people have asked on social media whether my revelations with respect to Kitco is the ?quest? which I have referred to in previous newsletters. The short answer is no.

The quest that I have been involved in relates to a different matter which are sensitive reasons, I cannot discuss at this time.

All I ask is patience and hopefully all will be revealed soon.

Talk soon.


John Adams
The Silver Scandals Exposed By John Adams - John Adams is back !! And he is bringing the heat about all of the scandals in the Silver world. From the Perth Mint to Kitco ... John Adams doesn't pull any punches.