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I can confirm that my relationship with As Good As Gold Australia Pty Ltd (AGAGA) was terminated on 25 August 2022 at MY REQUEST which was submitted to the company on 16 August 2022.

In the week subsequent, I withdrew all my precious metals from their vaults.

I no longer have any association with the company.

I remain a committed precious metals investor.
John has been busy....

The ?Package? which will Shock Australia

To my loyal followers,

My commitment to service and my love for our country and its people knows no bounds. My commitment to the truth and to justice is unrelating.

When last year I was told of a grand criminal conspiracy operating in Australia?s own backyard, I couldn?t let it go.

I was disturbed beyond belief at the allegations which were put before me.

I immediately dropped everything and engaged myself into the largest covert undercover operation of my life. With no legal expertise or investigation experience, I went on the most extraordinary journey as I transformed myself into a public crusader and private eye.

In today?s In the Interests of the People episode with Martin North, I document my journey of completing my own self?funded investigation over the course of 9 months which resulted in personal costs of $AUD 50,000 and a loss of income of more than $100,000. (This is the ?Quest?)

The result was that I submitted a 608-page report of alleged misconduct to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) (This is the ?package?).

My report called for ASIC to commence an official investigation. As I noted in a previous In the Interests of the People episode, the chances of achieving this was only 0.74% according to ASIC?s FY 20-21 own data.

Where many others have failed (including solicitors and barristers), ASIC was able to confirm in late July 2022 to me in writing that an official investigation has commenced (This is the miracle beyond miracles).

It is now up to ASIC to use their extraordinary legal powers to determine the truth and if appropriate bring the preparators to justice.

The link to today?s episode is here: (27068) The Package That Will Shock Australia - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUYGt7ZSpIU&ab_channel=IntheInterestsofthePeople

If anyone wants to donate to my public crusader Go Fund Me campaign, you can make a donation via the following link: Fundraiser by John Adams : John Adams ? Public Crusader Fund (gofundme.com)

Thank you for your ongoing support.


John Adams
The Secret Financial Scandal That Will Rock Australia & The World | John Adams

John Adams has been investigating a financial conspiracy in Australia that could rock the world. While he isn't able to divulge the details yet, he has compiled hundreds of pages of compelling evidence of a wide reaching financial scandal that against all odds is now finally being investigated by authorities.

John Adams' Go Fund Me: https://www.gofundme.com/f/john-adams...

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1:11 Financial scandal
20:00 Other investigations
26:19 Regulators
34:51 Evidence
40:10 Go Fund Me
43:40 International implications
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