Jim Rogers - Currency Turmoil Ahead


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Gregor Gregersen founder of Silver Bullion Pte. Ltd. in Singapore has a candid conversation with renowned investor Jim Rogers. The two expats which call Singapore home openly talk about the problems with global currencies, the U.S.debt, and about wealth protection. This and more coming to you from The Reserve and in what might be the world's largest silver vault!

Detailed Timestamps:
0:00: 💰 Implications of US debt, Singapore education system, and store growth discussed with Jim Rogers.
4:31: 💡 Singapore's successful societal model: high savings, multilingualism, and widespread home ownership.
9:12: 💸 Currency instability predicted due to global conflicts, political tensions, and economic uncertainties.
14:28: 💱 Transition from dominant currency causes turmoil in global economy, potential enforcement of laws affecting bankers in Hong Kong.
18:16: 💰 China's potential shift from US dollar to gold, challenges in establishing a competing currency, and implications for global trade.
23:01: 💰 Historical significance of silver as an international currency and the uncertainty surrounding the Chinese currency.
27:37: 💰 Implications of currency devaluation on nations' economic stability and potential historical precedents.
31:51: ⚖️ Importance of having diverse backup plans in uncertain financial landscapes.
36:23: 💰 Discussion about a limited edition coin representing phases of Empire and physical assets.