James Dines November 14, 1931 - April 12, 2022


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James Dines, "The Original Goldbug," passed away peacefully at his home in California on 12 April 2022. Editor, Financial Analyst, author, and precious metals-mining industry expert, Mr Dines was known for his willingness and courage to contradict the prevailing conventional sentiment of the financial community in formulating his predictions and forecasts, almost always to the benefit of subscribers to his premier publication The Dines Letter (TDL). Continuously published since its start on Wall Street in 1960, TDL is the longest surviving newsletter of its kind.

Mr Dines was first recognized for his prescient call in 1961 that the price of gold, then fixed by the US government, would rise much higher than anyone then could imagine, and was validated when the price rose to as high as $850 in January 1980. When Mr Dines refused to retract his original call as requested by his then employer brokerage AM Kidder, he was fired, leading him on his journey to begin publishing The Dines Letter on his own, and it became his lifework ? he was still publishing at the time of his death. Mr Dines was a frequent lecturer on investment strategies and in his television and radio appearances he freely conveyed his ideas on current events and their impacts on capital markets. His Annual Forecast Issue of TDL was eagerly awaited by his subscribers for his predictions and prognostications for the ensuing investment cycle.

Not restricted to golds, he made many brilliant calls during his career including the rise of the Internet, Uranium, Rare Earths, Palladium and that China would dominate the 21st Century, predicted after his visit there in 1976. More about his amazing career can be found in his full biography at https://dinesletter.com/bio.html. His gratification was always most profound in knowing he had helped enhance the financial lives of his subscribers, many of whom have continued to subscribe through multiple generations.

Mr Dines was generous enough to share his philosophy for a fulfilling life, first in his Mass Psychology book and later in his Secrets of High States book, which became the hallmark of his storied career. He guided many who had the pleasure of knowing him or were students of his work not only to be better investors but to lead happier, more successful lives. Mr Dines trailblazed the field of Technical Analysis in investing, writing the first textbook on the subject. In his pursuit of honest currencies, as one of the founders of the Hard Money Movement, he wrote The Invisible Crash, published in 1976, and Goldbug!, in 2009; both books remain especially relevant even today.

Mr Dines was born in New York City, was a graduate of Oberlin College and Columbia Law School, served in the US Army in Military Intelligence and throughout his life was a fierce proponent of capitalism.