Is Liquidity Drain Bad For Gold & Silver?


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As the Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates aggressively, gold and silver have sold off sharply throughout most of that period.

Yet with more interest rate hikes on the way, does that mean that we're set for more pressure on the precious metals?

In today's video Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics looks at the impact the liquidity drain is having on the economy, and also how he sees the dynamic affecting gold and silver going forward. Because even with further Fed rate hikes, it's not a straightforward equation. Especially with more stress in the financial markets than most have seen in their lifetimes.

Dave looks at the recent performance of the metals and the mining stocks in relation to the stock market moves and suggests that given the totality of the current conditions in the markets, as well as past data, that there's reason for optimism in both gold and silver.

But to find out why, click to watch the video now!