Investigating a MASSIVE Financial Conspiracy | John Adams


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John Adams launched a criminal corruption investigation in Australia. He compiled a 600-page evidence file (specific crimes committed, facts, names, how evidence collected, how to pursue prosecution of case) & handed it over to the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). The ASIC only pursues full investigation on 0.3% of complaints, but now the ASIC has confirmed the investigation is ongoing.

It appears John's strategy is to utilise his reputation as an advisor and his history in government as leverage to try and get a favourable outcome by going through the "appropriate channels". If that's the case, I think he's completely underestimated the rot at the core of this system.

Although I do admire the courage and tenacity of John Adams for addressing this in such a way, I also know you can't use the corrupt system to fight the corrupt system. Awareness, resistance and people power are the only effective way to get a real outcome here. I'm sad to say that John's efforts are likely to be in vain.