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Recently my wife had to travel with a few kilos of PMs. Bit of a mixed bag, with a few 1kg silver bars.

I did all the research on whether it needs to be reported. In short, at the time of writing, Australia does not require bullion to be reported when leaving Australia.

Australian airport security screening did notice it on the x-ray. She was pulled aside while they inspected her bag (she requested a private room). They simply did a visual examination and a quick scan for explosives. In all only an extra 10-15 minutes.

However my wife was required to report it on the NZ end because it was more than $700 NZD worth of goods. But NZ customs didn't even want to look at it, they were only concerned whether it was .999+ pure, anything less and there's an import tax/duty.

So pretty easy to move across borders going out of Australia.

Thought I'd post here incase anyone needs more info when moving PMs.





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Yep any bullion comes up a black blob on their screen,  and an instant alert for a search, As soon as they see  silver on ya go  :) without any questions.
Going through customs in Malaysia is quite entertaining as their eyes light up on screening. Only to find out with disappointment that it's only silver when they park you up. Lol
Silver Soul said:
Yep any bullion comes up a black blob on their screen,  and an instant alert for a search, As soon as they see  silver on ya go  :) without any questions.

I went through the airport recently. This time it was me, not my wife. I was watching their x-ray monitor / screen. Multiple big black blobs. Immediately the security officer looked at me and said "Are these your bags?" I nodded , then he said "would you like a private room?"

In the room they just wanted to inspect the silver to make sure there was nothing hidden in there. On of them asked me "do you have a shop?"

It's pretty good because you don't need to declare PMs when exiting AUS, even if they're valued well above the 10K cash limit. And they don't keep any records.

Then when entering my destination country I had to declare the PMs. One of the juniors asked me the approximate value, I gave them an estimate, they called their manager. The manager asked if it was all 0.999 bullion. It all was, so they didn't even want to look at it and waved me through. There's no duty / taxes on 0.999 bullion.
Next time, if I ever fly out of Australia again I will pack a bunch of copper bullion so they get all excited and not only is it not gold, but it's not even silver. Still request a private room and act super proud about your stash. Just leave them confused.