In Troubled Times Precious Metals Are Your Only Security


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At the Gold Silver Pros 2022 Metals Kick-Off Conference, I was joined by Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics and Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin Co.

In 1825, Mrs Rundell in her New System of Domestic Economy suggests a budget of ?250 a year to support 'a gentleman, his lady, three children and a Maid-Servant'.

Nearly two hundred years later, you can still live just as comfortably on 250 Sovereigns a year :)
^ better to have the actual gold content, for newbie to feel the gold equivalent.
Housing is good, another hard asset, and to honest Housing is likely the best as long a you didnt buy in high and dont have a huge Mortgage, if you own it you are laughing.
housing security right now especially here in QLD is so important, and this rental crisis many people are facing is only going to get worse .

precious metals and your family Home for the win.

But If you have a huge mortgage, then your fucked, so if your one of those who have borrowed your max- you better sell a bunch of fancy none essential assets, like  jet ski's, boats and all that sort of shit, and drop it on that loan and get ahead to weather this turmoil.

It Could be like the 2008 crash in the USA, where house prices tanked but rental prices went ape shit, as the over mortgaged lost their houses, and needed places to live after the banks booted them out of their own homes,, As no one could afford to buy the cheap houses and their credit ratings went to shit, all they were left with was fighting for rentals.
dont be that guy, get ahead now